About Us

Welcome to the greatest pecan, candy and gift store, with products from the finest pecan orchards across Texas. Our choice pecan varieties are Cheyenne, Pawnee, Kiowa, Choctaw, Oconee and Western, all must be large flavorable, mature nuts of number one grade only.

Regarding quality, we use only the best of ingredients, the highest grade European chocolates and homemade fudge for cooking and coating our pecans and candies. Many of Renee’s recipes date back three generations and are closely guarded secrets.

Our products include coated gourmet pecans (of which we have over 70 flavors), pies, fudge and assortment of candies and etc.

The “Texas Nuthouse” began with the understanding that we would produce and sell only the very best, that which we would be delighted to receive and that which our customers would be proud to sent their family, friends and business associates. We are best known for our ‘out of this world delicious’ Texas Chewy Praline, it is absolute a must to try and one of our blue ribbon secret recipes. Our customers give us an AAA for this one.

Renee has been in this business over 15 years and her crew has over 100 years of combined experience in cooking gourmet candies and delicates, it’s hard to understand why anyone would settle for less than the best.

The “Texas Nuthouse” specialties are corporate gifts, fund raisers, church groups, schools and other organisations but anyone can enjoy her outstanding products. She sells and ships all over the world and makes a special effort to service our troops deployed overseas, they need our efforts and special attention “GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS

Our attractive packaging and containers, filled with quality gourmet candies, are the latest in design and one you would be proud to give and receive. They vary in type and style depending on the seasons as well as your choice, and based on available inventory. We know our customers demand top quality products but our mission also includes very attractive packaging regarding the season and or events.