FUNDRAISER PROGRAMS do not need to be difficult; the TEXAS NUTHOUSE makes the project as effortless as possible with four easy steps. We pride ourselves on putting together a quality fundraiser with quality products at a fair price. Our goal is to supply your groups with a method of earning extra income for whatever your needs are and enjoy a simple procedure in obtaining those goals.

Call us at 936-204-4317 or visit us online at, and we be will happy to assist in explaining all necessary procedures. We have several types of fundraisers for our customers to pick from, some of which only apply to certain groups and some vary due to weather conditions: such as no chocolate in hot summer months, etc.

Many of our fundraisers are geared toward public and private schools while others are geared towards specific sports, like baseball, girls’ softball, soccer, bands, AG and groups as PTA, church, civic groups, etc.

The TEXAS NUTHOUSE prides itself on giving our customers the best possible of all aspects of the fundraising process from beginning to end. We guarantee not only our products but our service to be beyond expectations. We realize that you, your sales group and the end consumers are our customers, and we will be happy to discuss your fundraiser needs, send you a general information sheet explaining the procedures, your profits, time of events, etc.

Call us at: 936-204-4317 or e-mail me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.